• As Shreeji Dental Clinic treats all the patients with latest technology & equipments and uses highly advanced materials with the best dentists at its work, it also gives a warranty for the same for most of its procedures.

    **So Ask your Warranty Now**
    • Crowns (Metal Free Ceramic) - 5 Years Free Replacement Warranty (unconditional)
    • Bridges (Metal Free Ceramic) - 5 Years Free Replacement Warranty. (unconditional)
    • Noble Biocare ( 2 stage) dental Implants - 5 Year Warranty (conditions apply)
    • Root Canal Procedure - 5 Year Warranty (unconditional)
    • Fillings - 3 years Warranty (unconditional)
    • Ceramic Veneers - 3 Years Free Replacement Warranty (unconditional)

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