• Have you undergone a root canal treatment before?
    Had a bad experience with the treatment?
    Or heard from a friend or a relative how painful it is?

    *Now hear it from our patients*

    Wow! That's it. I was expecting a lot of pain but the treatment got over in approximatelty 30 - 40 mins that too without pain. Amazing!!

    This is what usually the patients tell us after the treatment. So, is it a miracle. No, its just an advancement in dental technology along with the skill of the dentist. Thats what we do at Shreeji Dental Clinic. “TREAT WITH TECHNOLOGY”


    Q. : When is Root Canal Treatment required?

    A. : Tooth has 3 layers and the inner most layer is known as pulp. If the decay is in the ENAMEL (1st layer) or DENTIN (2nd layer), a filling is usually sufficient. But if the decay reaches the third layer a Root Canal Procedure is required.



    Q. : What is the procedure for a Root Canal Treatment?

    A. : In simple language, during Root Canal Treatment the infected pulp tissue is removed and replaced by an artificial inert filling material.

    Q. : Is it painful & how many sittings are required?

    A. : Its absolutely PAINLESS. For most of the cases a single sitting of approximately 30 - 40 mins is sufficient.

    *Are you delaying your treatment because of fear of pain or time constraints?*
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