• Pediatric Treatment
    • Children are perceived as difficult dental patients by many a dentists because of their
      • Uncooperative Behaviour
      • Crying
      • Not accepting instructions
      • Consuming a lot of time
      • unpredictability
    • At times treatment are sought only after the child gets pain.
    • Often parents are unaware that bottle feeding and/or prolonged, on-demand breast feeding continued beyond weaning age results in severe devastation of teeth.

    Understanding the Approach

    The approach of the dental team catering to children would be different than that practiced for adults.

    Adult Children
  • Most Adults seem to know Dentistry
  • A Child may or may not know Dentistry
  • One is to one communication
  • One is to Two communication
  • Goal is to begin as well as end well with definite end in sight
  • Goal is to begin well, setting small goals to achieve first, end is kept in mind, but not achievable in early steps
  • Dentist’s relation to the patient is more professional and like a service provider
  • Dentist’s relation to the child is more like a teacher, guardian ,friend
  • Needs understanding the patient demands
  • Needs removal of fear and developing trust
  • Dentist has to be systematic, rational and a bit straight forward in approach
  • Dentist has to be imaginative, spontaneous and flexible in approach

  • At Shreeji Dental Clinic, we believe
    ‘The Dental Care for Children can be an Enjoyable and Satisfying Experience to Everyone : the Child, Parent and the Dentist who Understands the Difference.’
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