• It was a wonderful experience to work with Dr.Gaurav Bhuta . He guides really well in surgical planning and prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry. Did lots of advanced implant surgeries with Dr.Bhuta. The best aspect of him is he is very approachable. It was very satisfying to work with you. A great clinician. Dr. Ranjeet Bapat
    MDS Periodontology & Implantology.
    Associate Professor, DY Patil University , School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai
    Executive Committee Member (ISOI - Indian Society of Oral Implantologists)

    I started the implant course with Dr.Gaurav Bhuta at Shreeji Dental Clinic, Goregaon(W) in December 2014 where the first two to three sessions, he gave us lectures and showed us videos so as to explain and clear our theoretical concepts in implant dentistry followed by a hands-on course on the model which was very helpful as it gave us an idea of every step right from making an incision to placing sutures in the patient's mouth. Dr.Gaurav then showed us a live demonstration on a patient which also was very helpful. Thereafter I placed 5 implants and the entire experience was really amazing.I have learnt a lot through this course. Dr.Gaurav has helped us in each and every step, guiding us with his immense knowledge, skill and patience. The course has given me a lot of confidence in placing implants. Dr.Gaurav has taken immense pains in explaining the tiniest of details and on the whole it was a really wonderful and knowledgeable course. Dr.Jahnvi Shah
    Pedder Road, Mumbai

    The reason I took this implant course was to get the basic understanding of implants, how to diagnosis a case, and understand the different systems used. What I appreciated the most was how patient Dr. Bhuta was with me. He was extremely encouraging throughout the process. I also appreciated how organized the course work was from the lectures to the set up leading to the surgery to the surgery itself. Dr. Bhuta is an amazing teacher who shows great passion and precision in his work. I am really happy with this course and have a good understanding of implants now. Dr. Karishma Alibhai
    United States of America

    I would like to thank Dr.Gaurav Bhuta/Shreeji Dental Clinic for making me efficient in placing Implants under his extensive and thaughtful training and guidance. I would recommend his Implant training to anyone who wants to confidently place implants at beginners or advance levels.His efficient training skills,communication and full support makes implantology really easy. Dr. Aditya Walia

    Working with Dr. Gaurav Bhuta has changed the way i see prosthetic dentistry and made me realize the importance and soundness of implant dentistry in this modern day. He simplifies the topic to the best of his ability and allowed me to experience the different systems so that I can decide which you are most comfortable, giving advice the efficiency of each.He is also conscientious, reliable and very patient. He has done diploma in Laser Dentistry(Germany) and Implant Prosthetic( Los Angeles). Thus, he has experienced dentistry overseas and because of this he is able to handle different cases, especially foreigners in a professional manner. I have placed five implants under him and I am quite satisfied with the way he managed the course. Hans Hanoman
    Citizen Of Canada and Guyana

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